Non lucrative residency

Non lucrative residency

Do you have 25.817€ plus 6.454€ for each additional family member?

If so, the non-profit residency (residencia no lucrativa) might be of interest to you. This type of residency is granted initially for one year and can you renew it after.

The foreigner who is interested must must apply through the consulate in their country of origin, and if this residency is approved, then the person will be granted residency (to live in Spain legally) but will not be allowed to work.

It is important that everyone who is interested in this type of residency knows that you are NOT allowed to work.

You should get a resolution in 3 months.

Required Documentation for the non lucrative visa:

  1. You cannot be a citizen of the European Union
  2. You cannot be irregular in Spain
  3. Criminal record certificate from countries where you have lived in the last 5 years.
  4. You cannot be banned from Spain
  5. You must prove that you have enough economic resources to be able to support yourself during your stay
  6. Private medical insurance.

What is the amount of money I have to prove?

  1. If you are supporting yourself: you need 400% of the IPEM which is approximately 25.817 euros.
  2. If you are also supporting your family as well: you need 100% of the IPREM which is around 6.454 euros per family member.

What documentation do I need?

Reminder: We always recommend that, aside from all of the original documents, you take copies of all of your documents to your appointment.

  1. Print the ¨solicitud de visado de residencia, ¨ form.
  2. Valid Passport
  3. Criminal record certificate
  4. Documentation that proves that you have enough economic resources for the time of your stay
  5. Health insurance certificate

Note: if you submit documents that were issued in a different country, the document must be translated to Spanish.

How long do I have to wait to get an answer?

You should get a resolution in 3 months. If you have submitted your application for the non lucrative residency and 3 months go by and you still do not have an answer, this means you can assume that your application was denied because administrative silence (Silencio Administrativo).

What are the advantages of the non lucrative visa?

  • It allows you to obtain a permanent residency of 5 years – otherwise known as long term residency (residencia de larga duración).
  • The time of this residency counts towards the time required before applying for Spanish nationality, 1, 2 or 10 years, depending on your specific case.

What are the limitations?

  • You are not permitted to work.
  • You can be outside of Spain a maximum of 180 days a year.
  • There are many immigration options available in Spain and as our client, our job is to help you determine which one is the best for your specific case, taking into consideration your long and short term needs

Are you interested in applying for the non lucrative visa?

We have many successful cases and we are experts on this type of residency.