The team

The team

Sterna Lawyers is a lawyers’ office specialized in immigration law.

It offers a comprehensive service of legal council to enterprises and individuals. It gives an answer to the professional needs and it is specialized in aliens law in Spain.

Following a close collaboration in United States with the firm Juris Magister™ (an international corporate services company specialized in the international companies, visas and residence permit for entrepreneurs, executives and investors formation in United States), Ainhoa Manero Lawyers decides to establish itself in Spain as a company specialized in the migratory needs related to Spain.

We are in a period when migratory mobility intensifies in Spain. A moment that, on one side, Spanish companies are submerged in a process of full internationalization, while on the other hand, the government incentivizes the investment proposing flexible policies and a boost to the economy.

Sterna Lawyers gives an answer and solution for displacing directors and employers outside Spain and guidance and accompaniment to those investors that see a chance for the future in Spain.

We are aware of the continuous changes that the Law of Immigration is constantly enduring to tighten up to the legal reality of the time. In Sterna Lawyers we are specialists in all the necessary procedures in Madrid.

Ainhoa Manero
  • Constancia Ayala
  • Patricia Albitskaya
  • Juan Carlos Lois